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The Russified versions, transfers of the managements and materials on processing of an astrophoto.


Finished work on russification of the AviStack 2 program and editing transfer of "The reference book on the AviStack 2 program".

AviStack 2

Files of russification of the AviStack 2 program (fourth release of 6.03.2011) - To DOWNLOAD
"Reference book on the AviStack 2 program" (Russian edition of 6.03.2011) - To
The website of the developer where it is possible to download 32-and 64-bit AviStack 2 versions - to

Order of russification of the AviStack 2 program

Unpack archive and place files which are in it in the lang folder located in a directory of "AviStack 2".

After start of the program open the Settings-Language menu and choose "RUS", confirm reset of the program.

Notes on work of the AviStack 2 program.

As of March, 2011, the 64-bit AviStack2 version incorrectly works with the KRSgrAVI.dll and KRSgrAVI.dlm files recommended by the author. Files are intended for connection to AviStack2 of the video codecs installed in OS. The problem is solved only by installation both on 32-and on 64-bit versions of Windows OS of the 32-bit version of the AviStack2 program.

March, 2011



The Russified version of the Fitswork (4.47) program - to DOWNLOAD the file of russification (an edition 27.02.2015)

The distribution kit of the program can be downloaded from the Website of the developer - to OPEN


The program does not demand installations - to unpack enough downloaded archive and to start the executable file of the program. For connection of Russian it is necessary to place the language file in the folder with the program. IMPORTANT - all other language files have to be removed from the working folder of the program!

March, 2011



"Technological process of increase in sharpness of Lunar images" which was published in the Selenology today magazine, No. 9 - 2008 - to DOWNLOAD transfer of article of Bob Pilts

March, 2011

The original of article--->



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